How to Spend Five Jam-Packed Days in Tokyo


Visiting Japan is an experience unlike any other. After all, it’s the only place in the world where straight-laced business people can stay out all night singing Britney Spears karaoke and popping into cafes to cuddle hedgehogs and it’s totally normal. It’s also the only place where you can enter […]

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A Day Trip to Chicago

Chicago Riverfront

Our trip to Chicago last summer might go down as the most random trip we’ve ever taken (which is saying something, since last week we impulse-bought plane tickets to Paris like they were a package of Mentos in a grocery store checkout line. #yolo).  As we were looking at our […]

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A Guide to Victoria, Canada


Despite being a born-and-bred Canuck who grew up in Alberta, which is only one province away, I never visited Victoria, British Columbia, until after I moved to Georgia. Because somehow that trip was easier to squeeze into my schedule when it involved taking multiple flights and traveling 2,800 miles. You […]

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