Exploring colorful Burano: A day trip from Venice

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If you’ve spent much time longingly browsing travel-related Instagram feeds (or is that just me?), odds are good you’ve stumbled upon a few dozen pictures of the vibrant little island of Burano, Italy.

There’s a good reason for that. Not only is Burano known for its long history of lacemaking, its brightly painted houses are more photogenic than Cindy Crawford.

As soon as Sam and I decided to include Venice in our 16-day European vacation itinerary, I knew we would have to make a day trip to beautiful Burano.

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Burano, Italy


Burano, Italy


How to Get to Burano

Burano is only a 40-minute vaporetto ride from Venice. Simply take the 12 line at the Fondamente Nove vaporetto station. A round-trip ticket cost us €15 at the ticket kiosk. Be sure to validate your ticket before boarding the boat. If you manage to snag an outside seat, you will have plenty of photo-snapping opportunities along the way.


Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

Exploring Burano

As we pulled up to dock in Burano, I got my first glimpse of the beautiful houses and couldn’t wait to start exploring.

Though the main streets along the canals were pretty crowded with camera-toting tourists, after we meandered a little way into the maze of alleyways we had many of the streets to ourselves.

Despite the fact that hoards of tourist visit the island daily, we felt Burano gave us a better picture of everyday Italian life than we got in Venice.

As we wandered the back streets we passed a group of young Italian boys playing tag, a grandmother hanging her laundry to dry, and a little girl wobbling around on her bicycle.

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Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

Burano, Italy

The best way to experience Burano is to spend a few hours casually meandering its bright, narrow streets and soak in the colorful surroundings.

After two weeks of traversing big, bustling cities such as Paris and Rome, a relaxing morning stroll was just what we needed, and we left the island feeling refreshed.

What is the most photogenic destination you’ve ever visited?

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Exploring Colorcul Burano, Italy

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