Hi! We’re Sam and Carrie, an Atlanta-based couple with raging wanderlust.

We have day jobs that keep us busy most of the time, but we’ve learned how to prioritize travel by limiting our spending and making the most of our vacation days and weekends. We decided the whole “wait until we’re retired to travel” thing isn’t our style.

Together we’ve gone horseback riding in Iceland, tented in Uganda, been in the bridal party of a wedding in India, watched a Broadway play in NYC, and floated down the Grand Canal in a gondola.

We’ve been married 5 years now, but our love of adventure goes back a lot further than that.

Carrie is a Canuck who grew up near the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada (Hence the “Maple” in Maple & Maps!). Sam is a born and bred southerner from Georgia (And the “Maps” portion of this team, since he has a great sense of direction and Carrie can hardly navigate her way through a supermarket). As kids, we were both lucky to have the opportunity to travel frequently, both within North America and abroad. As adults, our love of travel has only intensified. Collectively we’ve visited more than 30 countries on 5 continents, and our bucket list is constantly growing!

Bridge of Sighs

Maple & Maps was born out of our desire to document our adventures and to inspire others to make their travel dreams a reality as well.

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