A Guide to Victoria, Canada


Despite being a born-and-bred Canuck who grew up in Alberta, which is only one province away, I never visited Victoria, British Columbia, until after I moved to Georgia. Because somehow that trip was easier to squeeze into my schedule when it involved taking multiple flights and traveling 2,800 miles. You […]

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(Video) Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful destinations in Canada. Located along Canada’s western coast, Vancouver has easy access to both the beach and the mountains. It is also home to world-class shopping, a great coffee scene, and friendly people.  We were thrilled when we had a chance to visit […]

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Must-see places in Vancouver, BC

Granville Island, Vancouver

Fun fact: I live in Atlanta now, but I was born and raised in Canada, and I still consider myself a Canuck (Hence the “Maple” in Maple and Maps). Mine was a typical Canadian childhood, steeped in such delights as Timbits, tobogganing, April snowstorms, and poutine (French fries topped with […]

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