Things to Know Before Visiting Nagaland, India


When you think about traveling to India, famous tourist destinations like the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, and the bustling streets of Mumbai might immediately spring to mind. Also, tikka masala. Because who doesn’t love tikka masala? But India is a massive nation, and travelers who stick to the well-worn tourist trail […]

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Budget Breakdown: One Month in Sri Lanka

Marakkalaoda Beach

For most people, long-term travel seems like an impossible dream for many reasons, chief among them is typically cost. But we have found that money—or lack thereof—doesn’t necessarily have to stand between you and your travel dreams. Earlier this year, Sam and I spent a full month traveling around Sri […]

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Where to Eat in Ella, Sri Lanka

Finley Tea Factory

If you’re headed to Ella, Sri Lanka, you’re likely interested in hiking, walking, and all manner of other calorie-burning, thigh-sculpting activities. And that means you’re bound to get hungry. Multiple breakfasts and a big dinner kind of hungry. At least we did. Well, you’re in luck. Ella, Sri Lanka, has […]

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