Best Travel Movies to Inspire Wanderlust

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Watching a great travel movie can instantly transport you to amazing destinations around the world. The best part? You don’t have to worry about buying a plane ticket, coping with jet lag, or facing your boss’ withering glare when you mention that you’re going to be out of the office. Again.

Inspiring travel movies are also the perfect way to get you hyped up for your next epic adventure.

Here is our list of the best travel movies to inspire wanderlust:

Best Travel Movies to Inspire Wanderlust

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Iceland)

Walter Mitty’s life looks mundane on the outside, but his vivid daydreams are filled with excitement and heroism. When he is let go from his job as a negative assets manager, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who loves Iceland! (This film was one of the reason we decided to visit Iceland a few years ago.)

Murder on the Orient Express (Europe)

When a man is found dead in his compartment on the famed Orient Express, Belgian detective Hercule Poirot must determine which of his fellow passengers is the murderer.

Based on the classic novel by Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express is beautifully shot and perfect for train travel enthusiasts.

Midnight in Paris (France)

Gil Pender, an aspiring novelist, travels to France on a holiday with his fiancée and her parents. Every evening after midnight, he finds himself mysteriously transported to the Paris of the roaring 1920s.

This movie shows Paris at its absolute best.

Roman Holiday (Italy)

Frustrated by her stifling schedule and social obligations while on a royal tour, Princess Ann sneaks away from the embassy and explores Rome on her own.

Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck (two of the best actors of all time), Roman Holiday is a classic film that will have you booking a flight to Italy ASAP.

We enjoyed visiting some of the places featured in this film when we spent some time in Rome a few years ago.

The Bourne Identity Series (Europe, North Africa, India)

Jason Bourne is found floating in the Mediterranean Sea with two gunshot wounds in his back. When he wakes up, he has no idea who he is. His search for answers takes him on a journey around the globe.

The fast-pace plot and fantastic film locations make this a perfect series for globetrotters.

The Sound of Music (Austria) 

Maria is a training to be a nun when she is sent to work as a governess to a strict naval captain’s seven rambunctious children. Through her tenacity and love of music, Maria slowly helps the family regain the joy they lost when the children’s mother died.

The movie is set in beautiful Salzburg, Austria, and includes sweeping views of the Swiss Alps.

My dream came true several years ago when Sam and I were able to visit Salzburg and take the official movie tour!

Into the Wild (Alaska)

After graduating from university, Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, donates his money to charity, and travels deep into the Alaskan wilderness.

This sobering tale of survival and tragedy showcases the rugged, untamable nature of the wild.

The Way (Spain)

After his son is killed while walking the Comino de Santiago in Spain, Dr. Thomas Avery flies to Europe to complete the trail himself. Along the way, he meets some unlikely acquaintances.

The Way highlights the myriad of reasons people travel.

The Lost City of Z (Brazil)

Famed British explorer Percy Fawcett becomes convinced that the lost city of El Dorado exists and is located somewhere in the vast, inhospitable Amazon jungle. His search for the city grows from mere interest to an all-encompassing obsession.

Few places in the world capture travelers’ imagination quite like the Amazon rainforest, and The Lost City of Z depicts both its fierceness and its incredible beauty.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (India) 

A group of British retirees travel to India to live in a newly renovated hotel. But when they arrive, they realize their new “retirement home” is not nearly as pristine as they were led to believe.

We often hear people say, “If you can travel India, you can travel anywhere.” After taking my first trip to India last month, I think I agree! This movie shows India as a chaotic, crowded place, as well as somewhere with the power to transform travelers.

Noble (Ireland, Vietnam)

Christina, a fearless survivor, overcomes a difficult childhood in Ireland and ultimately moves to Vietnam to care for orphaned children on the streets of Saigon.

Though this movie—which is based on a true story—is heartbreaking at times, it also shows the incredible impact one person’s life can make in the world.

Waking Ned Divine (Ireland)

When a man dies of shock after winning the lottery, his friends take matters into their own hands.

Set in a small town in Ireland, Waking Ned Divine is both quirky and hilarious.

Everest (Nepal)

New Zealander Rob Hall and American Scott Fischer join forces to lead a team of avid mountain climbers to the summit of Mount Everest. What they don’t know is that they will encounter a sudden storm that will make May 10, 1996, the deadliest day in the mountain’s history.

Everest is the ultimate man vs. wild survival movie.

Julie & Julia (France, NYC)

Suffocating in her New York City job, Julia Powell decides to cook her way through Julie Child’s classic cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and blog about her experience.

Back in the late 40s, Julia Child moves to France and falls in love with both Paris and the culinary arts.

This movie should be required viewing for all Francophiles.

Tracks (Australia)

In 1977, Robyn Davidson sets out on a nine-month journey through the Australian desert with only her dog and camels for company.

This movie is great for solo female travelers, as well as for anyone who loves Australia!

P.S. I love You (Ireland)

After her Irish husband dies of a brain tumor, Holly (Hilary Swank) returns to Ireland to find closure.

With a tragic love story and beautiful Irish scenery, this movie is a must-watch for all fans of the Emerald Isle.

Indiana Jones (Asia, South America, Egypt)

 Indiana Jones, archeologist and adventurer, travels the globe in search of missing artifacts. Along the way he comes face to face with Nazis, Soviet agents, and way too many snakes.

The ultimate adventure story, Indiana Jones will make you want to book a flight to…well…pretty well anywhere.

Do you have any movies to add to the list?

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Best Travel Movies to Inspire Wanderlust

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